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CENTER BASE OPTION : provides either a half day classroom or all day experience for 15 - 20 children, 4 days (Monday through Thursday) per week, or 5 days (Monday through Friday).  Each Double Session classroom (half day) is staffed with a Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Classroom Aide; Each full day Single Session classroom is staffed with a Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Classroom Aide.  Two Home Visits and Two Parent-Teacher conferences are held each school year.  The daily schedule provides for meals &/or snacks, outdoor activities, circle, group and individual times, as well as a balance between child choices and teacher directed activities.  Planned field trips add to the opportunities provided.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to take part as volunteers in the classroom and to contribute to the curriculum through ideas for themes/activities and field trips.  In addition, Parents/Guardians are offered the opportunity for governing their child's early childhood experiences by participating in Parent Meetings and Policy Council.

HOME BASE OPTION: emphasizes the parent as the primary educator of the child.  Parent participation is the key to its success.  The Home Visitor spends 1 ½ hours in the home each week working with the parent/guardian to plan and provide developmental activities and support services for the child in their own home.  In addition, socialization opportunities are offered twice monthly through socialization days (where all children & parents in a Home Visitor’s group meet together in the Head Start center) and planned Field Trips.  



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Program Enrollment in all 5 counties.

Please call Angie, at 618-532-4890, ext. #144 for more information.


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​​​​​BCMW Head Start’s mission is to engage and prepare low income children and families for success in school and throughout life by providing opportunities, experiences, resources and advocacy. We respect all individuals and believe they deserve a chance to reach their full potential.

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